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Simple Photography Background Hack For Bloggers

If you ever find yourself in a crunch to take pictures of products for your blog and want to step away from the foam board or marble tile (you do own these, right???), a super simple background to use is scrapbook paper.


Perfect for those super close detailed shots, you can play around with your jewerly, beauty products, and even food with scrapbook paper and create unique backgrounds that you can’t typically find with professional photography backdrops.

The key is to get a heavier card-stock so that the paper will remain flat and the crossover lines will stay crisp and seamless. Best of all? It’s really inexpensive, so you can buy a few different packs without feeling like you’re breaking the bank. The ones I used here are from the $1 section in Michaels, but I picked up some others for a little project I’m working on as well.

What do you use for your backdrops?

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