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Weekend Vibes

This past weekend was a fun but kinda busy one for me. In addition to work, I had my first real co-hosting gig! I was invited to co-host Macy’s Back to School Shopping Event at the Wolfchase location with Girls Inc. Memphis.

Me with Lisa Moore, Girls Inc Memphis President + CEO, and Saisha Delevoe, Macy's Special Events Coordinator
with Lisa Moore, Girls Inc Memphis President + CEO, and Saisha Delevoe, Macy’s Special Events Coordinator. Fantastic ladies to work with! (Sidenote: I love my crepe cocoon dress from Banana Republic. Doesn’t photograph well but whatevs. I was cute!)

Hosting blogging workshops is one thing, but this was completely different for me-I had a script and everything!


I was nervous as hell (I always get weirded out hearing myself talk on a mic-it’s one of the reasons I shy away from karaoke-even though my voice is like a combination of Fergie + Jesus #jokes), but Lisa Moore, the President + CEO of Girls Inc. Memphis has done this a million times before and was so nice + easy to work with, so we had an easy chemistry throughout the show. We had a pretty good turnout and they were happy with everything, so hopefully more opportunities like this come my way. 🙂

After the event I was starving, so I stopped and had lunch at LYFE Kitchen, a new health-conscious restaurant that opened in East Memphis last week (it’s entirely too hot to eat anything heavy). The food is farm-to-table, and the menu isn’t extensive so the wait time isn’t very long (think Panera), BUT, there is still enough variety that you can visit multiple times a week and try something different. My friend Ari had raved about her visit, so when I got there I ordered the spicy korean lettuce wraps, garlic parmesean sweet potato fries, and ginger beer.

LYFE Kitchen spicy korean lettuce wraps, garlic parmesean sweet potato fries, and a ginger beer

YALL. SO. FRIGGIN. GOOD. I had a good balance of spicy + sweet (I will always order sweet potato fries if they’re available), so I didn’t order any dessert, and the ginger beer (non-alcoholic) was so refreshing (it’s made in-house); I was full but not weighed down, and minus the ginger beer, the price was the same as if I went to Panera and got a pick 2 meal. There aren’t a lot of healthy food options in the area where I work, and I don’t always have time to cook, so I’m ecstatic they chose to open in East Memphis instead of Downtown or Midtown (though I’ve been told that one is slated to open in one of those areas down the line). You shouldn’t have to travel all over the city to find a healthy, quick meal, so on those days when I’m short on time, I’ll definitely be stopping here.

After that, I stopped by Target (because, Target, duh), the parentals, and then finally made it home to crash. Sunday was a day in (which I needed), so I did a few things around the house and got to dig into a few magazines (the September issues are starting!)

september issues 2015 magazines

I haven’t been reading mags as much because of blogging, but I still try to at least get the September issues of certain publications so that I can have some sartorial inspiration going into the season.

All in all it was a great weekend-next week will be filled with work and then after that I’ll have my blogging workshop at Stock & Belle, so I’m glad I was able to get in a full day of relaxation.

How did you spend your weekend?

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