#HMFashion | H&M Opens At Carriage Crossing

Retailer H&M finally opened their Carriage Crossing location in Memphis and my wallet (and wardrobe) is here for it. Thursday was the grand opening, and people were actually camped out for HOURS prior to their 12pm opening in hopes of snagging one of the gift cards they were giving out to the first 300 visitors. It was an off day for me so I got there early, BUT, I just couldn’t deal with standing in line like that so I did some other shopping in the center and made my way back later in the afternoon, lol.

Not quite a mega-store, the location was still pretty big, housing men’s and kids in addition to women’s clothing.

H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-1 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphi2 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-7 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-5 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-4 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-11 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-12 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-13

Memphis has always had places to shop, but there aren’t a lot of fast fashion retailers here that offer super trendy yet affordable pieces (like, I’m not spending $80 on an aztec print tee), so people were really excited when it was announced that a location would be opening here.

H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-8 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-10 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-14 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-9 H&M Carriage Crossing Memphis-15

It was still busy while I was there, but it wasn’t insane-I was able to quickly maneuver throughout the store and find my size in quite a few pieces to try on. I winded up picking up 2 cute sweatshirts + a dress while I was there. With last week’s BR haul I didn’t want to go insane, lol, but I’ll definitely be back soon. My only hope is that they will have more jewelry + other accessories when I do. When I visited the location in Nashville I bought a ton of jewelry, so I’d like to pick up some more (in addition to a statement bag when for Fall).

H&M Carriage Crossing
4674 Merchants Park Circle
Collierville, TN 38017

Happy Shopping!

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