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Sunday I hosted my 3rd Basics of Blogging Workshop at Stock + Belle, and dare I say it was my best one yet? I added a 4th component to the class (blog + social media photography), and after an overview of photography tips that’ll work no matter what type of camera you use, the class was able to take pictures of items they brought with them and/or play around with some of the props I set up.

kpfusion-basics-of-blogging-workshopMe w/my little chalkboard sign. I saw this + said to myself, do you know what a straight line is? Geez, lol.

kpfusion-basics-of-blogging-workshopMy fun class. And I LOVE Stock + Belle’s floorplan.

kpfusion-basics-of-blogging-workshopA few of the props I brought for people to play around with. Fill your foundational prop list with simple, classic items so that you can use them again and again. You don’t have to go broke buying things to help you with your blog. Those dishes? $1 each at the dollar store!

kpfusion-basics-of-blogging-workshopI think figs are the new avocado for bloggers. I’ve noticed them EVERYWHERE!

kpfusion-basics-of-blogging-workshopBookshelf essentials. I need more, though. You can never have too many books!

kpfusion-basics-of-blogging-workshopYummy treats for the class. Pastries + workshops go hand in hand, no?

I’m getting more and more comfortable with teaching and found myself able to improvise instead of reading 80% off of my workbook notes and giving examples at various points. I had a good mix of soon to be bloggers from different fields: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and even mental health! Plus, one is a small business owner and told me the photography tips were very helpful (yay!).

I really enjoy teaching these workshops and am planning to do my next one soon. Thank you to everyone that came!

What’s something you would like to learn at a blogging workshop?

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