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Lauren Carlson of Question the Answer Talks Indiegogo Campaign Launch Party + Deets

My sweet friend + fellow creative Lauren Carlson will be launching an Indiegogo Campaign for her jewelry line Question the Answer this Friday, September 28th at Stock + Belle (Trolley Night!). Lauren’s introductory lookbook for QTA in 2013 was the first one I every worked on (see that here), and because I’m also such a fan of her brand, I have to show support whenever I can.


With the launch date looming, I wanted to share her campaign story with you guys because I am ALL about supporting small businesses. They are the true fabric of society-their originality and successes mean that we all can continue to pursue our dreams without compromise. Read our interview below, and if you’re in Memphis, I hope to see you on Friday!

Lauren! I’m so excited for you and this project! So tell me, what made you decide to launch an Indiegogo campaign? And why their platform over others?
Thanks Kim, I’m so excited as well! I decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign because I really wanted to make the Sugar Skulls in metal. I think naturally it’s the next step and I cannot wait to complete their evolution.

I used Indiegogo because they offer a unique platform for makers where you have the option to choose “flexible funding”, this way even if the unthinkable happens & I don’t reach my goal, I can still keep what I did raise and of course I’ll still follow through with my perks.

I remember you launched QTA with a Sugar Skulls Collection-can you tell my readers what made you revisit this design, and how these new pieces will be different?
I started this entire journey into jewelry making with the wooden Sugar Skulls and it seems right to complete their growth by casting them in metal. This was always my intention, even though I wandered away, and I’m so excited to see it come full circle.


The metal Sugar Skull pendants will be cast in silver and brass using the lost wax method. I will then plate the brass pendants in yellow gold and rose gold, keeping their cost significantly lower. Once they are polished and ready, I’ll set a round stone into the pendant using the flush setting technique.

Has digging deeper into the entrepreneurial world while exploring metal making influenced your design (and/or the process)?
Yes! Oh geez, I love this design but currently they’re all hand painted and it’s impossible to make a large amount of these at a low cost. So not only will casting these pieces be completing a journey I started 5 years ago, it’ll also allow me to make several pieces much quicker than ever before. Of course, this is really important for small businesses, even if you have a great idea, if you can’t produce it quickly and/or in large quantities, then it makes things really difficult.

Question-the-Answer-Indiegogo-Campaign-2 Question-the-Answer-Indiegogo-Campaign-3 Question-the-Answer-Indiegogo-Campaign-5

The official deets around the campaign will be released on Friday at the launch, but what are a few ways that this campaign will help you with creating your new collection? What about the perks that will be available for those who donate?

This campaign will allow me to purchase so many vital tools and pieces of machinery. At the top of the list is a ventilation system for the kiln I have and a plating system for the pieces. Both of these items are incredibly costly and as a startup, may have taken me years to purchase on my own. I feel incredibly lucky to have this platform so that I may earn these tools in a way that is sustainable and without financial risk.

I’m offering so many fun perks! One I’m really excited about is a workshop in my local studio, in which I will teach the student to make 3 stack rings in time for the holidays!!

I’m also offering my sterling silver bangles, shout outs on social media, handwritten thank you cards & even the chance to attend a photo shoot with me, once the pieces are made and ready to photograph.


When the campaign goes live on the 28th, where can people learn more?
Unfortunately I’m unable to get the link until I press the LAUNCH button, but for now I’m directing people to my website, for more information. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter for day-by-day updates as well!!! For both Instagram & Twitter I am @questntheanswr! (*update* click here to donate!)


Gem collection photos by Annabella Charles Photography. Headshot by Sophorn Kuoy.

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