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Style Bites // Trolley Night

My chances to go downtown for Trolley Night are few and far between, but when I can, 9 times out of 10 I will bring my camera with me just in case I can snap up some City Style. I hung out at Stock + Belle as they celebrated the opening of 387 Pantry, the grocery store component of their multi-level business (there’s a salon upstairs as well), and Question the Answer launched their Indiegogo Campaign (read more about that here).

The weather was SO nice that night and it was packed, so I only got a handful of shots (I was also running my mouth but whatevs, lol) but I thought they were definitely worth sharing:

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-3Stylists from Salon 387.

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-2Kristina’s necklace from Michael Kors? ZOMG.

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-question-the-answerLauren at her Indiegogo Setup before the night began.

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-question-the-answer-2 kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-question-the-answer-6 kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-question-the-answer-4 kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-question-the-answer-5 kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-question-the-answer-7 kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphisI have a bit of a style crush on Thuyvi. She just does minimalism RIGHT. Follow her on IG!

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-4I met Emily and her husband that night (she’s a local photographer). Her dress is from Red Velvet Vintage. So cute!

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-5Lauren’s sister Maggie, who is just the sweetest thing. Also of note: that blouse she has on is from Banana Republic!

kpfusion-city-style-trolley-night-memphis-jeremy-stanfillSinger Jeremy Stanfill did a set and he has this AH-MAZING stripped down cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall. Like, insane!

How did you spend your Friday night?

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