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Tips on Finding Time to Blog

Figuring out what you want to blog about is essential, but deciding when you will have time to blog is even more important. Content is definitely king, but developing a consistent blogging schedule that fits your life is what you really need in order to gain traffic to your blog and build an engaged audience.

Blog post prep should be carved into your schedule as well as time to actually write and edit your posts. Prep could include researching recipes, finding stock images, visiting restaurants/boutiques for review, scheduling time with a photographer to take photos for your OOTD posts, etc. Most bloggers plan posts anywhere from 1 week to 3 months out, but it should be based on personal preference (and real life!)

A few things to keep in mind when finding time to blog:

  • How long does it take you to write + edit a post?
  • How often do you want fresh content to go up (daily, 2x-3x/week, etc)?
  • Will your post types/categories vary or do you want set days for each one?
  • Will you be using original photography, or will you have to research stock photos?

These are a just a few of the questions I include in my workshop and during private blog consultations. Balancing blogging + real life can be hard (especially if you’re married, have kids, or have a demanding career), but it’s not out of reach. Planning is and always will be key. Having an organized blogging schedule can help prevent blogger burnout and keep your readers excited about fresh content!

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    1. It DOES! When I am able to do batch work, whether writing or taking pictures, my creativity flows so much better than when I try to write posts daily. The most I’ve ever done is a week out but I would love to get to at least 2-3!

  1. Finding time to blog as well as determining content are equally important. You definitely have to experiment and find a schedule that works best for you. Planning ahead is a major step, but you have to keep in mind your own restrictions. Great insights on how to plan!

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