Transitional Combo // Maxi Dresses + Moto Jacket

This was the Summer that I officially fell in love with maxi dresses (I added 5 to my wardrobe!), so with Fall creeping up, I want to be able to stylishly carry them into the Season without looking like someone that accidentally detoured from the beach. One of the easiest ways to pull this off will be pairing them with a tailored moto jacket. I first noticed Rachel Zoe sporting this sleek combo years ago, and now that I’ve finally found maxi dresses that don’t overpower my short frame, I want to get in on the chic trend myself.

rachel zoe maxi dress biker jacket-2rachel zoe maxi dress biker jacket

I’m on the hunt for the perfect moto jacket, but  that hasn’t stopped me from scouring the web for a little sartorial inspiration. If you’re like me and jonesing to try this trend, here are a few looks from around the web:

maxi dress + moto jacket-3 maxi dress + moto jacket-2 maxi dress + moto jacket-5 maxi dress + moto jacket maxi dress + moto jacket-7 maxi dress + moto jacket-8 maxi dress + moto jacket-6 maxi dress + moto jacket-9maxi dress + moto jacket-11 maxi dress + moto jacket-14 maxi dress + moto jacket-12maxi dress + moto jacket-13

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Will you wear your maxi dresses into the Fall?

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