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Good Eats | Blue Nile Ethiopian Kitchen

After a rough start to my morning a few weeks ago (nothing like finding out you need a new radiator while getting a simple oil change), I decided to treat myself to a yummy lunch, and my friend Ziggy recommended newly opened Blue Nile Ethiopian Kitchen, located at 1788 Madison Avenue. My go-to foodie for when I don’t want the same ol same ol meal (he’s who introduced me to the wonders of Vietnamese food a few years ago), I trusted him and headed straight there with no questions asked.

I lucked up when I arrived because it was a weekday after the lunch rush, so it was quiet (only 1 other patron) and I was able to get a seat anywhere I wanted. I sat by the window to people watch and relax, and after reviewing the menu (it’s been year’s since I’ve had Ethiopian food), I settled on the lamb tips (Spicy), carrots + potatoes, and a beet salad.


Served with injera (a spongy, sour-dough flavored bread that’s traditionally served with Ethiopian dishes; in lieu of utensils, you can use this to pick up your food), the lamb tips were everything that I didn’t even realize I wanted. I love spicy foods, and the hearty sauce that the tips were cooked in with onions and peppers were balanced nicely with the simplicity of the carrots + peas. The beet salad was fresh w/a touch of sweetness, so all of the flavors complimented each other. Initially, it didn’t seem like a lot of food, but don’t let the injera fool you- it expands in your tummy, so space out how much of it you eat!


I was going to skip dessert, but by then it had started to lightly rain and I wasn’t quite ready to leave, so I tried their in-house made tiramisu and OH. MY. GOD. Liiiiike, get into this freshness:


Yes, it tastes as good, if not better than it looks!

It was so light and creamy! I had it with coffee (cream only, no need for sugar), and it was absolutely delicious. I was a very happy woman when I was done with my meal. With everything I had (which could be split between two people), the entire meal was less than $25. Not bad!

Located right down from Overton Square, the restaurant’s layout feels a little more intimate, so if you venture into midtown for lunch or dinner but don’t want to get mixed in with that crowd, just drive on down a few blocks and swing by here. You won’t be disappointed.

Beautiful mural by artist Gina Sposto.

Blue-Nile-Ethiopian-Kitchen-Memphis-7 Blue-Nile-Ethiopian-Kitchen-Memphis-6

Blue Nile Ethiopian Kitchen
1788 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
(call for hours, closed on Sundays)

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