You know that you’re busy and have an overflowing plate when you don’t even realize until the day is almost over that YOUR BLOG TURNED 5 TODAY!

Ya’ll. I CANNOT believe that I’ve hit another year of blogging! When I first started KP Fusion, it was meant to be a creative outlet to help me figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my career, but it has turned into so much more for that. It’s help me grow as a fashion stylist, begin a journey in photography, and even given me a platform to launch a blogging workshop to help other people learn about the joys of blogging (and to see what fun, creative things you can do with it).

This year alone I’ve experienced my first hosting duties with a national brand, given a presentation on blogging with a reputable advertising organization, and next month, I’m actually going to be on TV (more on that later)! All because of this open, creative space and you lovely readers!

I sincerely thank every one of you guys for coming back daily to read + support KP Fusion-there’s so much more in store!

pink cupcake

xoxo, Kimmie

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