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Learning to Make Candles at Falling Into Place

I’m that person that lights a candle the minute they walk into their home, so I was uber excited about attending Falling Into Place‘s Candle Making Workshop with owner Marie Claire White. Marie Claire has had her own candle company for years (which are phenomenal, btw. I wrote about it here), so who better to learn from? The shop’s airy space made for the perfect backdrop, and I attended it with a lively bunch of women so it was a lot of fun.

Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-26I’ve always wanted to learn how to make candles, and Marie Claire did a fantastic job with breaking the process down so that anyone could do it during the class.


Some of the steps are a little more advanced when doing them on your own (you can’t be distracted when you’re melting the wax or you’re gonna burn your house down, lol), but for the most part, if you follow the steps that she so generously gave, you can then experiment at home and make some great gifts for family + friends (or keep them for yourself if you’re a candle hoarder like me *maniacal laugh*).
Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-25 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-16 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-15 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-11

Something to remember if you decide to try to make your own: combining fragrances aren’t as simple as you think. A match that may sound good in theory could turn out to be a dud. We had a ton to pick from (she used some of the essential oils from her line), but we all spent a good 15 minutes debating on what we would use so that we wouldn’t waste a drop and be stuck with a weird scent.

Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-29 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-21 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-4 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-23 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-19

In the winter, I gravitate towards richer scents like vanilla or sugar cookies, but I wanted to keep my notes simple. My favorite candle of hers is Mandarine Sunrise because I like really clean, citrus-based scents, but because I already had one at home, I decided to try the Grapefruit Mangosteen.


Marie Claire provided all of the materials for us during the workshop, but she also gave us some tips on sources for essential oils, beakers, and even wax. Once we went through the steps of melting, pouring, mixing, and setting, we left them there to set for a few days and pick up once they were ready. This was such a fun workshop to take, and I’m going to force myself to find the time to try to make them at home.

Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-3 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-6 Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop Falling-Into-Place-Candle-Making-Workshop-2

Her next candle making workshop will be next month on Sunday, October 18th. The classes are small so sign up asap. She also has a natural skincare scrub one on this Sunday (9/27). Click here to see the full list for the rest of the year.

To shop her candles (they’re soy-based and burn forever), visit

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