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Good Reads | Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill

Being a makeup enthusiast (aka makeup junkie) means that beauty books + guides are necessities for my library, so my jaw literally dropped when I received Gary Cockerill’s new book Simply Glamorous: Makeup Transformations to Make You Look + Feel Fabulous. This book is absolutely stunning.

Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-2

Gary Cockerill is one of the UK’s most sought after makeup artists, and having worked with Isla Fisher, Jerry Hall, Eva Longoria, Kelly Brook, and Katie Price, he is known for his super sexy, glamorous makeup-style. His new book (out October 13) is filled with tips + tricks on how to recreate some of the most iconic beauty looks. With a natural ability to paint (his sister was his muse as a teenager and his first “beauty” job was painting mannequins in a store), Gary dives deep into explaining skincare, bone structure, product knowledge, and why certain techniques work with certain faces, so that no matter if you’re trying to learn how to do your own makeup or pursuing a career as an MUA, having his book in your arsenal is a MUST.

The pictorials are GORGEOUS (shot by Vikki Grant). There are step-by-step guides on everything from barely there makeup to full-out glam looks (the one using his mom is so bomb, lol), and I like that he really explains his steps behind the product choices and the technique he uses for certain things.

Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-5 Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-6 Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-12 Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-4

While some of the steps may seem a bit much to the girl that barely wears makeup (but is a dream for editorial MUAs because this really preps you for creating looks that will be photographed), anyone can glean a lot from his teachings and only apply what would be necessary for your personal needs. Understanding the why behind certain techniques (hello contouring!) helps you figure out what and how to actually use makeup so that you know exactly what you’ll need for both your personal and professional kit, while skipping others that might just be a fad and waste of money.

Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-7 Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-8Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-9

He includes a wide range of face shapes, ages, and ethnicities, and while a lot of the looks are iconic, they are still done in a way that is fresh + modern, so that no two looks are the same and can be recreated on any face.

Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-11 Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-10 Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-3

Lastly, it also includes an index of his favorite products to use (there are a few drugstore brands mixed in!), and a breakdown on essential brushes for your kit.

There are SO many looks I want to recreate (the bombshell look would be perfect for holiday!), and I can’t wait to play around with the more detailed contouring techniques.

Simply Glamorous Gary Cockerill-Vikki-Grant-Photography-1

To learn more about Gary and his work, click here. To order your copy of Simply Glamorous, click here.


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