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Weekday Fun | Mrs. Post Stationery Holiday Preview Party

Mrs. Post Stationery held their Holiday Preview Party this past Thursday, so I stopped by after running errands to see what new goodies they had in-store. They’re truly a lifestyle blogger’s dream store (I’ve written about them before), and I seriously wanted everything that they had in-stock!
Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-18 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-19 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-20 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-17 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-22

The store is so quaint, and I love how it’s merchandised. There was a cute section filled with holiday cards and other trimmings (they had a special discount that night!), but if you pay close attention like I do, you’ll notice little themed vignettes throughout the store.

Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-24 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-21 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-31 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-30 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-14 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-13 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-12 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-11

I sipped a little bubble + ate cookies, but didn’t pick up any holiday cards or paper goods just yet (though there are some paper ornaments by Kate Spade that I think I want). I did finally get Refinery29’s Style Stalking book, though (I grabbed the one with the bow if that counts. Ha!)

Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-7Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-9 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-6 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-3 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-2 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-8Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-27 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-29 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion-32 Mrs-Post-Stationery-Memphis-Holiday-Preview-Party-KP-Fusion

It may feel too early to shop holiday product because it’s early October, however, it’s actually prime-time to start getting decorating supplies, greeting cards, and other small gifts for friends + family before the real rush sets in and everything is snapped up. There were a few other things I wanted to pick up (for myself and for my naughty/nice list, lol) so I’ll be back soon so that I don’t miss out.

If you have a free moment on the weekends, definitely swing by their shop. There’s a bakery and other boutiques in the center so you can make a whole day out of it.

Can’t make it to Memphis? Visit to shop online.

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