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Beauty Buy | BECCA #ChampagneGlow Palette

I hardly ever write product reviews after the first time I try something because I like to take my time testing it but there’s no way I could not talk about BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Champagne Glow Limited Edition Palette ($34)! If you follow me on IG then you know I just got the palette and honey, I. LOVE. IT. No, seriously, I love it.

So let me start by saying that Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite YT Beauty Gurus. She has normal/dry skin, but I can still glean products and techniques to try from her videos. When she dropped Champagne Pop I didn’t run out to get it because when I initially swatched it in Sephora, I thought it was pretty but didn’t really love it. I didn’t want to spend that much on a highlighter just because of the name (I got another product from them instead). During one of her later tutorials, however, I saw her use the blushed copper pressed skin perfector and my ears perked up. The color was gorgeous, and I knew it would look pretty on my skin so I added it (mentally) to my list. Fast forward to learning about this palette and seeing that it was going to be included, so in my mind 3 colors for the price of 1? Sold! I placed my order and received it over the weekend.Kp-fusion-becca-champagne-glow-palette

First off, the packaging is gorgeous (and I typically don’t care about that). It’s large enough to use while you’re doing your makeup, but small enough to still fit in your bag.  The powders are sooooo creamy, pigmented, and blend beautifully (both separately and together).

Kp-fusion-becca-champagne-glow-palette-swatch Kp-fusion-becca-champagne-glow-palette-swatch-2

So both champagne pop + pearl give you a glow from within sheen. You can make them intense, but a little goes a long way. I liked champagne pop as my blended cheek highlight, and on my cupid’s bow and tip of my nose, and used pearl on my lids just to brighten after mascara. Blushed copper sculpted my cheekbones. I like a natural fleekness, which is much more wearable day-to-day than the trend that’s big on IG right now (sorry if you came here looking for that).


I kept the *coverage light (I don’t like super heavy makeup for day), but you can easily build on it if you want it to be more intense. The thing I like the most about this palette is that you can use the colors on your eyelids as well. I own a ton of shadows but only wear them when I do my makeup at home, so if I need to add a little extra color on my face, I can use this palette. I didn’t even have to add any bronzer (which I usually do just to give my face a little more dimension), and that’s a huge plus for me.

Also, the powders  LAST. This is coming from someone that has combination/oily skin that will devour makeup if not primed properly. When I wore it, I only had on a pore minimizer, and while I got oily as the day went on, my blush + highlight didn’t move. My makeup lasted until I washed it off that evening-a 12 hour day of pretty is awesome!

This palette is limited edition (on snapchat Jaclyn said there are around 80,000 total), so pick it up if you can. This was worth the mini-splurge.  If you get the palette (or have tried them individually) comment below!

*I’m also wearing the new Maybelline Better Skin foundation that I wrote about the other day.!

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