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That moment when you want to throw everything out of your apartment and start over. I swear, the Pinterest rabbit-hole is dangerous (but in a really good way). When I’m pinning, whether clothes, food, or decor, I find myself unconsciously zoning in on certain trends or elements in the pictures. Right now? Stylish but cozy sofas. This big ticket item really does set the tone for the rest of your decor, and it’s amazing how much the color, size, or shape can affect how you style the rest of your room.

What I’m pinning right now:
cozy-sofa-home-decor-11 cozy-sofa-home-decor-7 cozy-sofa-home-decor-6 cozy-sofa-home-decor-5 cozy-sofa-home-decor-4cozy-sofa-home-decor-8

Initially I wanted a burnt orange or dark blue sofa, but now I’m thinking a mid-tone to darker gray (looks good with both bright pops of neon and other neutrals). What color would you choose?

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