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Sunday I hosted my last Basics of Blogging Workshop for 2015 at Stock & Belle, and as usual, we had a blast!


As usual, we covered the 4 components of the workbook (what to blog, where to blog, when to blog, and blog + social media photography), but something was a little different about this group, so it felt more intense, but in a good way. I love the fact that I had a great mix of bloggers, small business owners, social media gurus, and creative artists + designers, so each person approaches blogging from a different perspective (which made for great interactions + discussions throughout the workshop).

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Stock & Belle is a beautiful store (I’m so lucky that they let me host here!), so after we finished the workbooks, everyone ventured around the store to take photos. There was a couch in the front that we ALL loved and wanted to take home, lol.
basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-5 basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-1Can’t wait til Caitlin launches her fashion blog. Loved her personal style.

basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-3 basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-7Ariane looks like she’s relaxing, but she’s actually taking pics of her jewelry for an Instagram post. The lighting that day was perfect.
basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-2As usual I brought props to play with (you’ve seen that fur rug on here recently. Ha!)

basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-8Even I got in on the couch fun for a snap. Seriously, I need it and the accessories!

basics-of-blogging-workshop-kpfusion-11To say I love this photo is an understatement. We had so much fun, and I’m so glad that everyone was able to take away a lot of info from this workshop. I’m still available for one-on-one sessions (just contact me here), but I can’t wait to plan out some fun, more advanced workshops for 2016!


What would you like to learn about in blogging workshop?

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  • mary

    This looks really fun! I just went into Stock and Belle for the first time a couple months ago, it is so beautiful. Do you know when you will be hosting your next Basics of Blogging Workshop?

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