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Stylish Tabletop Lighting

When I shot my client’s nursery a few weeks ago, I was slightly obsessed with the tabletop lamp she had in her foyer. The textured lampshade with rosettes was a sweet compliment to her metallic dresser/credenza, and it helped add a little more “lightness” to the room. The lamp + shade combo was actually an accident but they balanced each other perfectly, which, if you’ve ever gone lamp shopping, you know that it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Foyer-lighting-floral-lamp-2Yes, it’s essentially a light source and the bulbs you use will help set the mood (will it add a warm or cool glow?), but just in case it’s never turned on, you still want it to help make a statement.


When selecting a lamp, don’t just grab any old thing. 9/10 times it will be paired with other decorative items to create a vignette, so not only do you want to pay attention to its color and texture, but you also have to scale it right: if it’s too big it will overpower everything else (and you should probably just swap it out for a floor style), but if it’s too small then it will get lost with everything else and look weird.

Just in case you’re not in the mood (or have the time) to pick out a combo (trust, I’ve gotten overwhelmed by it many times and just left the store empty handed), there are options out there that can help make it a lot easier:

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