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A Touch of Black + Gold

In another life, I’d have a glam makeup room decked out in lacquered black furniture with gold accents and white flowers sprinkled about. Something about the combination is so posh and a little sexy, and I’ve found myself drawn to those pieces when I’m out shopping for decor stuff, albeit without a set destination for them to go.


They can’t necessarily live together in my apartment; my everyday style aesthetics flip flops a LOT (and is better suited for Cali Cool Vibes), so I’d have the weirdest little vignettes throughout if I tried to combine them, but it doesn’t stop be from playing around with them, and hunting for more.

black-gold-accents-decor-kpfusion Target is (obviously) one of my favorite places to find things, but you gotta move quick-it took me months to find that little gold starburst because it was always sold out! At Home, and World Market are good places to find a ton of variety as well. Granted, it’s mass produced and a lot of the decor pieces will be popular, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t style them in a way to make them your own. That small vase used to have faux grass in it but I realized that it was hot glued in on top of Styrofoam, so I just ripped it out and replaced it with faux flowers from Michael’s. Estate sales and Goodwill are great for vintage and unique pieces-do it when you really have time though, so that you don’t get stuck with stuff you can’t use. black-gold-accents-decor-kpfusion-3I’ve collected a few more trinkets since I took this photo (seriously, it’s a problem), and my virtual shopping list is getting longer:

What do you gravitate towards when you shop for home decor accents?

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