Happy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe we are only 1 day away from Thanksgiving! This month has seriously flown by (my birthday is a few days away as well!). I’ll be working through the next few days (life in retail!) but I’m so excited to have a day off that I can spend with my family. One of my brothers and his fiance will be hosting this year, but it’s going to be super relaxed, so if I want to show up in jammies, I can!

I will still cook a few things for home (I want to roast some veggies using this recipe I found on Pinterest),and while I will be working through the rest of the holiday weekend, I’m actually looking forward to the energy that comes with people shopping for Black Friday deals. Mine will be done online (although I got a head start yesterday, but um, that’s a convo for another day) but it will be fun nonetheless.

I’m so thankful for everything that’s happened thus far this year, and after this weekend, I will be counting down til Christmas, when I’ll be able to see even more of my family that comes into town.

Hope you guys have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and see you with new, fresh posts next week!


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