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We all have our favorite side of the bed to sleep on, but have you noticed that you have a favorite side of the couch as well? Since I’ve owned my plushy sofa, I’ve gravitated towards the left side. This is where I curl up after a long day of work, when I want to blog, watch movies, etc. I always joke that the couch overall is magical-if you sit for more than an hour you WILL take a nap), but there’s something about the nook on the left side that makes me feel fully relaxed when I’m home. Throw soft pillows + a warm throw into the mix? I’m out for the count, lol.

Comfy Couch Nook-13 Comfy Couch Nook-12 Comfy Couch Nook-11 Comfy Couch Nook-9 Comfy Couch Nook-6 Comfy Couch Nook-4images


What’s your favorite side of the couch?

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