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Good Eats | Chicken Almondine Sandwich // Tart Memphis

Get into the deliciousness that is the Chicken Almondine Sandwich at Tart Memphis, one of my favorite cafes/bakeries in Midtown. I had a photo project meeting there last week (I can’t wait to show you guys some of the photos), and while I usually grab a pastry and coffee when I go there, I decided to get something a little more substantial, and I’m sooooo glad that I did.


The Chicken Almondine sandwich is comprised of roasted chicken salad with toasted almonds, golden raisins, parsley, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche roll. It’s not exactly massive, BUT, you do have to give up on trying to cut it/eat it pretty; just pick it up with both hands and dig in. The golden raisins give it a hint of sweetness, and the brioche helps balance out the light, smoky flavor of the chicken. It’s served with a fresh pea salad (made with garlic + mayo); it’s an unexpected pairing but it seriously works. The freshness helps keep the whole meal light. It’s very filling, but you won’t go into a food coma or anything. Best $9 I’ve spent in a looong time.

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Tart Memphis
820 S. Cooper
Memphis, TN 38104

Mon-Sun | 8a-4p

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