Holiday Sparkle

I’ve yet to finalize my “look” for New Year’s Eve this year, but something I am planning to do is to get a little more festive with my makeup. I usually a winged cateye + a red or hot pink lip, but I want to play around with the smokey look and add in some glittery eyeshadow.


Skin has to be flawless, with just a hint of color on the cheeks to keep the face from looking flat, but the focus will remain on the eyes. Smokey eyes will always be a classic, but I think adding a little glitter will spice it up and make it a little more modern. Holidays are prime for playing around with your beauty so I’ll be stepping outside of my box.

Makeup Bag Essentials


Also, check out this beauty blog roundup from Rebate Zone: KP Fusion was selected as one of their top beauty blogs! I’m planning to feature a looooot more beauty related content in addition to my product reviews in 2016 so this feature is pretty neat!


Top 50 Beauty blogs


What’s your favorite holiday look?

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