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Quick Bites | Lettuce Wraps from Asian Eatery

We all have our menu favorites, but every once in awhile, you have to try something new. The other day I popped into the Asian Eatery (2072 West Street) for a late lunch. I typically get a noodle bowl or a rice/chicken dish, but it was freezing so I was craving soup + something filling but not heavy. Egg drop soup is a no-brainer, but this time around I got their veggie soup and an order of lettuce wraps with minced chicken. BEST DECISION EVER.

Asian Eatery Lettuce Wraps

Never mind that I dropped my phone in my soup when I was trying to take this picture (#clumsy), but this was like the perfect combo for a cold winter’s day. The chicken mix is delicious on its own, but a little bit of plum sauce will take it to the next level. And for the soup? Add in the crispy wontons for a bit of crunch. I was happy, I was full, and I was only out of $11 bucks!

Asian Eatery
2072 West Street
Germantown, TN 38138

Sun-Thurs | 11a-9p
Friday | 11a-10p
Saturday | 4p-10p

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