Shades of Grey

While organizing my closet the other day I realized that I’m slowly developing an affinity for chunky grey sweaters. I’m not sure why I’ve been gravitating towards the shade so much, but over the course of a month I’ve added 4 new ones, in addition to the other 3 that I own. I feel like grey is the new black, because it can go with sooo much: pastels, neutrals, primary colors; whether it’s light or dark, as long as the tone is rich it’ll pretty much pair well with everything.


My favorite is a side-zip marled one that I got from BR Factory-I pair it with black skinnies and leopard flats to mix it up a bit. Do I need anymore? Nooooo, but does that mean I’m not still looking for more? Nooooo, lol. Ah, the life of a mini shopping addict.



What’s your favorite shade of grey?

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