Slowing Down to Smell the (Proverbial) Roses

This weekend was a mixed bag for me: Friday + Saturday were hella busy (9-5 work, mom’s birthday, pop-up shop,. boutique photoshoot, magazine release party, etc.) but on Sunday, I decided to slow it aaaaall the way down and just chill out. I slept in a bit, made myself brunch, listened to one of my favorite podcasts and RELAXED.

I can’t explain how good it felt to not have anything on my agenda. I did do a little planning (came up with my next blogging workshop outline, yay!), but the only reason I did it was because in those moments, I cleared out my mind to take in all that was good in life RIGHT NOW. There’s so much more I want in life, and I’m working towards those goals every day, but I’m also relearning to slow down a bit. Sometimes to reflect, sometimes to collect my bearings, but always to appreciate those things that I love, both big and small.

Later in the afternoon I set out to run a quick errand but then I did something I hadn’t done in a VERY long time-I found a Spotify station and took an hour long drive around my city. I’m one of those people that makes up stories/scenarios in my head about random roads (I always wonder where they lead), so I drove down a few. They didn’t lead anywhere in particular (though they did confirm that Memphis’ structure is rather cyclical, and most roads will take you back to where you started), but I was able to zone out while I drove and enjoy my music. The weather was a little dreary (so of course my music was more melancholic. Every moment needs a soundtrack, lol), but I can’t wait to do it again when the flowers and trees start to bloom so that I can really “take the scenic route”.  🙂

We’re all busy, and most of us are constantly on the go, but take time to stop and smell those roses, even if it’s just for an hour. It may be the recharge that your creativity, or better yet your sanity, needs.


How do you recharge?

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  • Kim Thomas

    yes, do it! when i worked a m-f/9-5, this was how i’d wind down on sunday’s. sometimes i’d drive to the outskirts of the city or just downtown to sit on the river, but the 1-2 hours I’d spend doing this was so cathartic.

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