Cute Black Handbags Under $100

If you follow me on Snapchat (@kpfusion), then you may have seen my search for a cute new handbag about 2 weeks ago. The one that I had been carrying was starting to fall apart, and I thought I’d found its replacement, but I’m on the hunt again. I thought that a bag having different compartments would be better than the large tote-ish bag I’d had but NO. MAAM. Yes, I could downsize some of the junk I carry with me day to day but… I don’t wanna.

I never know where my day may lead (hey, events pop up when you’re an always on-the-go blogger), and there are certain things I just can’t leave at home, so now I have to find a new bag that’s large AND flexible enough to hold it all while still being cute. The bag that I bought the other day was a gorgeous smokey gray hobo, but I think I may invest in a black satchel this time, just to ensure that it goes with 90% of my wardrobe.

A few I’m liking:

What style is your everyday bag?

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