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Quick Bites | B.E.L.T. from The Green Beetle

Sometimes, a girl just needs a B.L.T. (or should I say B.E.L.T.). After a Saturday afternoon filled with fittings and outfit hunting for something to wear during Sunday’s event, I met up with my friend Andrea for a quick bite to eat downtown at The Green Beetle. Memphis’ oldest tavern, the locally-owned bar and grill is on of those spots that may not normally be on your radar, but you’re always glad you stopped in when all is said and done.

They’re primarily known for their huge burgers, but I decided on slightly lighter fare and went with a B.E.L.T. (Apple smoked bacon, 2 eggs, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato & mayo on Texas Toast) and sweet potato waffle fries (I will ALWAYS choose sweet potato fries if they’re an option).


I have been seriously loving sunny-side up eggs the last few months (idk why I waited so long to hop on that bandwagon) and…yall. The bacon was firm but not overly crisp, and the Texas toast just sopped up all of the seasonings and eggs for a little party in your mouth, Like, this was just pure comfort food. Granted, the style of fries I had made it a little more “elevated” than your basic steak fries (which is an option) but it was the perfect combination of flavors and just what I needed after a long day. It’s one of those meals that you can recreate at home, but, why would you when they do it so well? Satisfaction was at 100%.

To see The Green Beetle’s full menu, click here (you can even order online!).
The Green Beetle
325 South Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

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