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Eat, Drink, Be Merry | The Cheshire Hotel + #BoundarySTL

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to travel more, and what better way to kick things off than a quick trip to St. Louis? I was recently invited to visit Boundary, a new restaurant concept located on the grounds of The Cheshire. St. Louis is only a few hours away from Memphis (but not quite close enough to be considered a “day trip”), so my bestie Candace + I packed our bags and headed up to not only enjoy dinner, but also a night’s stay at The Cheshire.

The-Cheshire-Hotel-St-Louis-18 The-Cheshire-Hotel-St-Louis-15


A charming boutique hotel, The Cheshire has been around since the 1920s and has found a way to blend historically British details with modern luxuries. Each room is “themed” and named after a famous British playwright, author, or poet. We stayed in the George Elliot.





It was a little dark + moody, and with it being chilly when we got there, all we wanted to do was curl up with snacks, lol. Instead, we changed into much cuter attire to join a guided tour of the hotel with Tony Dandino, the property’s GM, and a few other bloggers that were in town.

This jacket by Alfani was such a cool find!
This jacket by Alfani was such a cool find!










I loved all of the 18th century furnishings and proper British decor, but my favorite room by far was the James Bond room. Depending on preference/needs, all of the more novelty rooms are poplar with guests, but this one took the cake for me. All I could hear was “Secret Agent Man” on loop while we looked around, lol.






After our guided tour, we headed over to Boundary, where the real fun began.




A modern interpretation of comfort classics, Chef Rex Hale has put his own rustic, artisan spin on culinary favorites at Boundary. The newly renovated restaurant offers small plates and family style servings, and also boasts both a raw bar and an extensive libations menu. The decor was absolutely gorgeous (I’ve never wanted an emerald green couch so bad) and the food? OMG the food.


During our visit, we were able to sample quite a few different bites from the menu. But first, cocktails:

Boundary-St-Louis-3I had the 1904 Mule (jim beam bourbon, apple schnapps, lemon + ginger beer)

Boundary-St-Louis-4Candace had the Revisit (patron silver, spicy maple chili syrup + lime juice).  Both were delicious and had quite the kick!

Next up: bites from the Raw Bar:

Boundary-St-Louis-5Tuna Poke (yellow fin tuna, soy, ginger, sesame + cassava). Seriously could’ve eaten this all night and been fine!

Boundary-St-Louis-6Peruvian Ceviche (corvina, lime, coconut, aji amarillo, plantain + cassava chips). This was my first time ever trying ceviche and I liked it. It was really light, and would be great as an appetizer at summer parties.

To Share:

Boundary-St-Louis-7Poutine (hand cut fries, brisket gravy, herbed cheese curds, + farm egg). WHO KNEW FRIES IN GRAVY WOULD BE THIS DELISH?! This is one of those comfort dishes that you pack up and hog for yourself at home while watching old movies. SO. GOOD.


Pork Ribs (smoked, gochujang, picked radish + local pear). Fall off the bone deliciousness. Seriously. We all wiped those bones clean, lol. The sauce has a touch of sweetness that balances out the smoked flavor, and pairing it with pickled radish + local pear was a good choice (aka try that home!).


Chef Rex came out to see us and talked with us and I was able to grab an “usie”. He was unbelievably gracious, and in regards to the menu, I love the fact that most of the ingredients that they use are locally sourced, giving you a “farm to table” feel.

So we tried a ton of other notable items from the menu (the Sea Scallops + Whole Crispy Snapper are great for dinner dates) but I have to move along to the desserts. 🙂


Boundary-St-Louis-14Organic Tcho Chocolate Mousse (whipped cream, shaved bittersweet chocolate). This melted in your mouth.

Boundary-St-Louis-15Local Apple Crisp w/cardamon ice cream (for those that want something sweet but not heavy.

We also tried the gelato and the warm pear polenta cake w/vanilla ice cream, but what stole the show? THE CHEESECAKE.

Boundary-St-Louis-12Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

Words cannot explain how good this cheesecake is. It’s creamy. It’s sweet but has a little bit of bite. There were about 10 of at this table, and when we started talking about our favorite desserts, EVERYONE kept pausing and saying “…but the cheesecake!” This was truly the standout dessert and my top recommendation if you have to choose.

During the course of our dinner we also sampled various wines. Prior to dinner we had all intentions to get out to experience St. Louis nightlife but once we were done? Um, no. We were happy, full, and ready for bed, lol. Because seriously, a visit to Boundary warrants a night of its own. The atmosphere is posh, they have an amazing playlist, and the food is delicious w/fantastic pricing (shocking, even). There are also 2 other bars on the property, and if you find that you’ve partied too hard? There’s always a room at The Cheshire. 🙂

Interested in testing it out for yourself? Check the next post for my giveaway!


This post is sponsored, but all opinions are totally my own. 


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