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#MemphisFashionWeek | VIP Party

Ain’t no party like a MFW party cause a MFW party don’t stop! Ok, that’s incredibly cheesy of me but ya’ll, I had SO much fun last night! Held at Lafayette’s Music Room, it was another night for fashion insiders to hang out, enjoy some good food + see some great designs!

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-22 Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-17Got to snap a selfie with my friend Camilla!

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-19 Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-23Always cool when I get to finally meet “social media” friends. Even cooler when we share the same first name 🙂

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-20With Alexandra; she did the makeup for all of the freeze models. She owns a few boutiques around town, is a stylist, and is ALSO a blogger (whew!) Check out her post here-she got a LOT of great shots of the models in the EMDP Designs!

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-15 Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-12w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-8w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-3w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-4w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-5w

During the VIP Party, the EMDP Designers have 2-3 of their pieces on the freeze models while a panel of judges vote on which one they like best. It has that competitive element to it, but everyone is a good sport about it, so the designers chatted with each other all night.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-10wAndrea + one of her designs. I’m so excited for her!

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-9w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-2w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-6w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-7wThere were even a few sketch artists on hand.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-11w Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-13 Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-14 Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-16 Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-21

I got to FINALLY wear a dress I picked up from H&M a few months ago. I knew if I didn’t wear it then, I’d have to wait til Fall came back around.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-VIP-Party-KPFUSIONw It was outside of my personal style comfort zone but I loved it, and actually got quite a few compliments on it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Make sure you’re following me on IG + the #MemphisFashionWeek hashtag. I’ll be live posting at all the events this week in addition to snapping for the blog. If you see me, stop by and say hi!

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