#MemphisFashionWeek | Fashion Fund Party at Saddle Creek

Thurday was the Fashion Fund Party at Saddle Creek, and this time around, not only was I there as media, but I was also selected to be one of the stylists!


Last year a collective fashion show was held, but they decided to switch it up a bit and have freeze models in participating stores. With so many of the stores having in their new Spring inventory, this made more sense (plus there were sales going on, which is always a plus). I did the styling for my old stomping grounds, Banana Republic, and I was able to pull looks for 2 models (male + female).

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party34w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party32w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party26w

Let me tell you, the store was filled with color (especially for women), and a ton of contemporary pieces, so I actually had to pace myself while doing my pulls-I wanted to show everything, lol. I wanted to show stylish looks that anyone could wear, so I stuck with classic silhouettes but played around with color, patterns, and texture. It’s the easiest way for you to update your wardrobe without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone.

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party21w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party20w

I’d worked with Morgan before (she is such a doll) and everything fit Everett to a T, so to say my assignment was easy is an understatement, lol. I was really happy with the looks I put together.

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party10w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party7w

In between their freeze modeling, I dashed to other stores to see what the other stylists put together, while also catching some city style in the process.

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party19w Ann Taylor (THAT SKIRT IS INSANE!!!)

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party28w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party27w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party3wLD + her model from White House | Black Market

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party30w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party24w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party23w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party29w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party25wMFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party22wLaura’s models from Janie + Jack and Monsoon were so adorable!

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party33w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party17w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party16wJoey Miller, one of the most stylish photogs I know. He told me if I liked this look, I’m going to LOVE his suit for the EMDP Show!

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party18wCami Curran; last year Cami was one of the EMDP Designers-this was the jumpsuit she designed!

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party8w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party2w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party9w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party4wDenzel with his models for Lucky Brand.

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party5w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party6wCaitlin and one of her looks for Soft Surroundings. That scarf???? Love!

MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party15w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party14w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-Party13w MFW-Saddle-Creek-Fashion-Fund-PartywShelby at Kendra Scott.

There were a lot more stores/stylists that participated but I just couldn’t make it to them all. 🙁 The center was busy (yay for shopping!) and everyone had fun, so I’d say it was a good night for fashion!

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