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#MemphisFashionWeek | Model Behavior

The day of the EMDP Show is always my favorite for Memphis Fashion Week. Usually on this day, I can get there a little early and go backstage to check out hair + makeup. Since attending MFW for the first time 3 years ago, I’ve become quite friendly with so many of the people that are apart of the show; stylists, models, muas, designers, the list goes on.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show58w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show56w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show55w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show54w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show53w

The energy is buzzing as they work out final looks in preparation for the big show, laughter, directions, and excited greetings filling the air while the DJ starts their early set to get the crowd ready for what’s to come.

Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show42wMemphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show51w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show52w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show50w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show49wAfter snapping a few pics of prep, I always try to grab a little City Style before the real fun begins…

Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show48w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show44w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show45w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show47w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show46w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show64w web
Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show62w Memphis-Fashion-Week-2016-EMDP-Show63w

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