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Sleeping In Style | Midtown Memphis Airbnb

What a difference 2 years make. When I moved from midtown 2 years ago to be closer to work, I knew that my old apt was going to be renovated (landlord is a good friend), but who knew they were going to swag it out + make it into a super dope Airbnb??


When I opened the front door I was floored. This was NOT the apt I remembered. It wasn’t bad, but when I lived there, they were in the planning process of renovating the entire brownstone (4 units total) so it was truly a midtown apt that needed some love. Well, it’s been loved and zhushed and loved some more. I’m interested in moving back to midtown to be closer to the work I’m doing now, so I seriously wanted to move back in, leaving all of my old furniture behind *cries*.

Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB13 Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB10 Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB16 Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB6 Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB5

Corey (my friend + one of the property owners) has always had a knack for interior design, so while I wasn’t really surprised with what he’d done with it, I was excited to chat about his design choices. It’s been made into such a modern space (gray walls are the perfect foundational color, and I loved that he paired it with yellow instead of going with something more traditional). The furnishings + accent pieces were kept simple (IKEA is always a great source), and I like that it wasn’t overcrowded with furniture.

Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB19 Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB2 Midtown-Memphis-Air-BnB3

I loved living in the neighborhood (Cooper-Young) so for anyone visiting Memphis, it would be a cool place to stay. You’re in walking distance from a ton of bars + restaurants, my favorite coffee shop + a bookstore, and about a 3 minute car drive from Overton Square if you want to do a little shopping. To learn more about the space, click here.

Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb? What was your experience?


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