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Pretty Pics with Samsung’s Galaxy s7 Edge

For the last few weeks I’ve been *demoing the new Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and while I’m an iPhone girl at heart, it’s been giving it a run for its money.

Full disclosure: I’m not a techie at all. You will never find me outside at the crack of dawn waiting for the latest phone or gadget release, and I’m sure that I’ve never used my smart phones to their fullest capabilities. My number one priority when I select a phone is image quality. As a blogger, I need to be able to take clean, crisp, pretty photos to share on the blog and Social Media, and when I can’t/don’t want to take my camera with me, I have to have a phone that can do that.

Taken with the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

The iPhone camera has been superior, but the Galaxy s7 Edge’s camera could lure me to the Android side. First off, the screen itself is huge, so you’re able to capture more in your photo, the color + quality is really clear (12MP w/fast auto focus; it says dual-pixel but idk what that means, lol)), and it has 32GB of space so you can take a ton of pictures without fear of running out of space.

Taken with the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

I hosted an event over the weekend and used it to take all of the photos for the blog post and I love how the images turned out. I also used it for the 2 images above and the quality rivals my DSLR. While I wasn’t able to create any bokeh, I was able to play with dimension and angles, which a lot of other camera phones aren’t capable of. I also found that I had fewer blurry pictures to skip over which is always a plus. There can be slight distortion (curving, similar to if you shot with a fisheye lens) depending on the angle you shoot from, but it’s nothing that’s can’t be easily corrected. I also think it’s pretty cool that the screen is curved; many people geeked out about it when I would show them pictures on the phone, lol.

At the end of the event, I connected to wifi and uploaded all of the images to DropBox and it was crazy fast: 100+ images in less than 3 minutes which was a huge plus for me; there wasn’t any change in the image quality, and once I was home I was able to quickly edit with minimum correction.

There are so many other pluses about the phone (it’s water-resistant and charges very quickly), so if you’re a blogger in need of better images but can’t get a DSLR just yet, this is a great phone to have!

What do you use to take pictures for your blog?

*This post was sponsored by Verizon + Samsung, but views are totally my own. See full disclosure policy here
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