Printed Linen Dress

I loooooove a cocoon dress. Most people say that you should shy away from this cut when you’re a little fluffy but idc idc idc. They’re super comfortable, much more stylish than a basic t-shirt dress, and depending on accessories, you can wear them almost anywhere during the Summer. I grabbed this one plus a red with small diamond pattern version on them from Old Navy recently and I’m so happy I did.

wavy-blue-white-cocoon-dress6 wavy-blue-white-cocoon-dress5wavy-blue-white-cocoon-dress42

It’s a stiffer linen blend, so it does maintain some shape, but it’s still breathable, so I won’t sweat to death once the temps rise even higher. Also, how cute is my faux leather tote??

wavy-blue-white-cocoon-dress3wavy-blue-white-cocoon-dress2I’ve been wanting one forever, but they were always a little too big/wide for what I needed as an every day bag. I stumbled upon this one at Walmart of all places! It’s sturdy, reversible, and only $10! Do I think it’s going to last forever? Heck no! But it should get me through the Summer, which is totally cool. I only saw one other colorway in-store but there are a ton on line.

What’s your favorite style dress for Summer?

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