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The Stylish Plant All Bloggers Seem to Own

Nothing adds life + color to a room like plants. Whether your decor aesthetic is minimal, casually bohemian, or modern eclectic, adding a bit of greenery to a room helps to bring everything together and make it feel “complete”.

I’ve noticed that the fiddle-leaf fig is THE plant of the moment; peruse any lifestyle blog and if there’s a home tour post in their archives, 9 times out of ten this sculptural plant is wedged into a corner or free standing with a few items in a vignette (the NYTs even published an article about its popularity last month).


Obviously, this means I want one, not because I want to copy the trend, but because when you look at the photos, well, it just makes sense. If you’ve ever felt like a room you were decorating was incomplete, the fiddle-leaf fig just seems to add the finishing touch you were looking for, especially if you’re someone that doesn’t want a lot of artwork on your walls. The taller plant helps to add more depth to a room while also giving additional layout options because of its size.

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New year backdrops for photo booth

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I have a black thumb, but this is inspiration to bite the bullet and get one. If I’m able to find a faux one that looks realistic (surprisingly, there isn’t a huge difference in price point for either), that’s even better.

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