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Curb Appeal | Unexpected Front Door Colors

I don’t know if I’d ever be bold enough to live in a home with a brightly colored exterior door. I think they’re the coolest thing ever to see when riding through a neighborhood, but the (silly) fear of being “the woman with the neon door” kinda freaks me out, lol. Maybe one day.

In the meantime, I’ve found some colorful front door inspiration in case I ever decide to make that move. If nothing else, the colors could work as interior accents, no?

Colorful Front Door6via

Colorful Front Door7via

Colorful Front Door4via

Colorful Front Door3via

Colorful Front Door8via

Colorful Front Door9via

Colorful Front Door1-via

Colorful Front Door5via

Colorful Front Door2via

Colorful Front Doorvia

photo 1 via

What’s the brightest that you’d paint your front door?

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