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Over the weekend I popped into Genghis Grill for a quick lunch. I’d been out running errands + didn’t want anything heavy, so I stopped by one near Target (aka the greatest place on earth) to grab a bite. If you’ve never been to Genghis Grill before, it’s essentially a build your own stir-fry bowl restaurant. You pick the size bowl that you want (Small-Large), and then pick out all of your ingredients, from meat, to veggies, to spices + sauces. You take it to the open grill, let them know if you want rice, noodles, etc. and then you wait while they cook.

I usually just throw a bunch of  random veggies and chicken together, but this time I decided to try Spicy Sesame Chicken, one of their signature bowls, with rice and cabbage. I like that they offer different recipe cards to pick from if you want to try something different. You can adjust them, but it can be a bit overwhelming for people that have never been there before, so having the options are great.


Ingredients: chicken breast, bacon, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic water, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic + sesame soy sauce.


When I took my bowl over to the grill to be cooked, the guy suggested that I add a fried egg to it (good call). I like really spicy food (thanks, Ziggy), so I asked for sriracha sauce when I got to my table, but the fresh jalapenos release so much flavor when they’re grilled, so I didn’t need it.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I also had some of their new Veggie Pot Stickers (seared wonton wrapper filled with a veggie blend; served with a charred jalapeno sauce);


I usually get the regular kind with chicken, but these were a nice alternative. The veggie blend ( tasted like kale, broccoli, and something else) has a little bit of sweetness to it, which balances well with the spicy dipping sauce. I was very pleased.

I got a regular bowl instead of small so I had some to go, and my waitress Katie talked me into getting dessert. I got the Cookie Butter Crispy Wontons (seared wontons stuffed with cookie butter + served over vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce)………………


WHY HAS NO ONE EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THE DELICIOUSNESS THAT IS COOKIE BUTTER??? Yes, it is as sinful as you think that it is. BUT, it isn’t heavy at all, so if you’re watching what you eat, it’s a minor indulgence. My meal was good (as expected), but that was a treat that was sooo unexpected, lol.


To find a Genghis Grill near you and to see their menu, click here.


What’s your favorite stir-fry mix?


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