Work Outfit Ideas For When It’s Blazing Hot Outside

It’s entirely too hot outside right now (seriously, why do we need 100+ temps?!), which means getting dressed for work can be a pain. I’m lucky enough to now work in a more creative environment that allows me to pretty much wear whatever I want as long I don’t look like I rolled out of the bed.

This doesn’t mean that I just slip on a basic tee and jeans, however. In fact, I HATE wearing denim in the Summer. I will only wear it if there is little to no humidity, or I have a shoot that may require me to get in weird positions to get the shot-and I don’t want to flash anybody. Cute dresses and loose pants are my go-tos, but I’m always looking for warm weather outfit ideas. Events are always popping up, in addition to new client meetings, so I want to be ready whenever I have to step it up a notch.

Outfits I want to recreate at some point:

Summer-Style-Ideas13 Summer-Style-Ideas14

<> at Streets of Manhattan on September 7, 2014 in New York City.

Summer-Style-Ideas10 Summer-Style-Ideas5 Summer-Style-Ideas4 Summer-Style-Ideas3 Summer-Style-Ideas2 Summer-Style-Ideas6 Summer-Style-Ideas7 Summer-Style-Ideas8 Summer-Style-Ideas9 Summer-Style-Ideas11



If you work in a more corporate setting you’ll definitely have to do some outfit modifications (probably can’t wear your button up top open and tied at the waist), but you don’t have to dress boring or basic just because it’s hot. Play around with your shoes + accessories and the patterns you mix together to create looks that are uniquely your own.

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