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Falling Into Place, one of the cutest lifestyle boutiques on Broad Avenue, turned one on last Friday, and I was able to stop by to get in on the fun.

Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party2w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party3w

I absolutely love this store. Not only does Mary Claire White stock it with indie brands that you won’t see anywhere else locally, but it always has a familial vibe when you go in. It’s like you’re visiting friends + fam, not just shopping. And her candles are some of the best out there. PERIOD (this ones my fave).

Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party4w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party5w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party10w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party12w

Snacks + cocktails were there to nosh on, and I FINALLY had my first MEMPops!
Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party15w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party14w

They’re all natural and hand-made (fruit and cream) and so friggin good. The humidity had it feeling like 111 degrees that day so this was the perfect refresher. I got their signature strawberry flavor, but I’ve been told there’s a hibiscus lemonade one that I need to try. Luckily (or unluckily?) for Memphis, it doesn’t really start to get cold until November, so I still have time!

Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party13wFalling-Into-Place-1-yr-party17w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party16w There was also live music, psychic readings, and a henna tattoo artist there. I couldn’t stay long so I missed out on getting a tattoo but one day…

Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party9w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party8w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party6w
Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party7wFalling-Into-Place-1-yr-party20w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party19w Falling-Into-Place-1-yr-party18w

Some of the Falling Into Place Makers (l to r): Ellywise Studios, Mary Claire White (owner), Meriweather Adams, Beth Winterburn, Chloe York, Lindsey Glenn, Sarah Baumann, and Melanie Anderson.

Anytime you’re in Memphis, be sure to stop by her store for some unique finds. You can also shop online here.

Falling Into Place
2613 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112



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