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Nightstand Envy

Pinterest is the devil. You go on there looking for inspiration for one thing and the next thing you know, you’ve spiraled down a rabbit-hole and lost 3 hours of your time. Right now, my search obsession is with nightstands.

Stylish-Night-Stands3 I’m looking for the perfect one (I want a simple, sleek shape, but unsure if I want black, white, or mirrored), and while I search for different styles, I get even more inspiration from seeing how people style theirs.

Marble trays and little trinkets help keep them unique to your personal style, but if you look closely, there’s almost like a formula that people follow when decorating them (while keeping their bedroom’s color palette in mind, of course).

Stylish-Night-Stands4 Stylish-Night-Stands9 Stylish-Night-Stands8 Stylish-Night-Stands7 Stylish-Night-Stands Stylish-Night-Stands6 Stylish-Night-Stands5images via

Lamps, trays, books, fresh flowers, and a few other items are must-haves on your nightstand. Here’s a little shopping list if you’re looking to update:


How do you style your nightstand?

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