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Creative Space | The Crybaby Club’s Natalie Meagan

A few weeks back I went to a pop-up shop on Broad Avenue + instantly fell in love with Natalie Meagan’s brand The Crybaby Club. I will cry over the most randomest ish, so I knew this was a girl gang that I could be a part of, lol. I chatted with Natalie for a bit about The Crybaby Club + thought she was the most adorable thing ever (her personal style is totally 90s Drew Barrymore meets Winona Ryder); what was initially supposed to be a brand profile turned into one about her creative space bc her apartment/creative space was to die for.


Based in Midtown (Midtown IS Memphis), her space is light-filled and authentically eclectic, with a mix of both vintage and modern furnishings + decor. The fabulousness of the large black slashes that she painted on the gray walls give break up the monotony (they’re cement and could easily err towards dorm-room chic) was not lost.


Her quirkiness spills over into her work area, filled with inspiration to help her with making pieces for The Crybaby Club, a cute lifestyle brand of pins, tees, cards, and other apparel that was created for all of the tender souls in the world.



The-Crybaby-Club5 The-Crybaby-Club4The-Crybaby-Club8 The-Crybaby-Club7

The-Crybaby-Club6 The-Crybaby-Club15

Extremely affordable (and fun!) her pieces retail from $6-$27.

The-Crybaby-Club10The-Crybaby-Club12 The-Crybaby-Club13


And the coolest thing about it all? It’s not just a “brand”, it’s a real community. There’s a full Crybaby Girl Gang that contributes to their blog + newsletter from all around the world, so it serves as a safe place to let your “Crybaby” flag fly!

To learn more about Natalie and The Crybaby Club, visit If you’re in Memphis, Crazy Beautiful will be hosting a pop-up shop with Natalie on tomorrow! Click here for full deets:


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