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Shopbop Mini Haul (+ Why You Need to Download Snapseed)

I recently ordered a few pieces from Shopbop to start building my Fall wardrobe and I’m so in love with everything! It was my first time ordering from them + the experience was great (super easy + quick) and everything was exactly what I expected. I got:

printed scarf (still available here)


 statement necklace


and drape front vest(still available here), which I can’t wait to wear!

bb dakota Mclaine Drape Front Vest

I’m aaaaall about layering when it gets cold, and last winter I loved playing around with drapey vests, so those are high on my must-have list. I also wanted to invest in some more statement necklaces because I ALWAYS wear the same few pieces, and I loved the architectural shape of this one. It’s a little shorter than what I like (when necklaces are too short they look like dog collars on me, lol) but I can make it work. And I’m a scarf fanatic so…yea, lol.

Anywhoo, I shared a post on Instagram about this and I just wanted to show you guys a side-by-side of what the image looked like straight from my phone and once I edited it in Snapseed:


I’m a FIRM believer in never posting pics on social media straight from your phone. I don’t use face tune or anything crazy like that because images can start looking weird (NOBODY’S skin is that smooth), but I do know that slight enhancements to your photos can go a long way. I took this photo standing next to a window using natural light only. I tweaked the sharpness, structure, brightness and ambiance, and those little changes make it look like I took this using my DSLR.

Why am I sharing this?

So that you guys know that even if you don’t have a professional camera, you can still take great pictures for your blog + social media using your phone and edit them like a pro! Snapseed is free, available for Androids + iPhones, and once you edit them to your liking, you can just save them to Dropbox so that you can access them from your desktop. Easy peasy!


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