Working, Loving, + Living with Intention

Happy September!

The first day of a new month always makes me happy. It serves as a clean slate, so if there’s anything that I’ve been wanting to start or change, it’s the perfect kickoff. I especially love it during this time of year, not only because the holidays are around the corner, but the significance it has always had being tied to school. When I was younger, the start of the school year made me excited about learning new things, making new friends, and experiencing new “adventures”, so I would make mini lists about clubs or programs that I wanted to join, games I wanted to attended, books I wanted to read, and even new places I wanted to try out. I still do it as an adult, but now it’s about living life with more intention.

Goal setting and living with intention go hand-in-hand. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be spontaneous and that you’re always checking things off of a list, but it does mean that you’re more cognizant of how you want to spend your time, both with work and with your personal life.


Working with Intention
I, personally, am in a new chapter in my life. 6 months ago I left a company I worked with for 7 1/2 years without a real plan on what I was going to do (no bad blood, it was just time to go) and am now finally finding a groove with my career. I now work with an amazing boutique; I’ve been friends with the owner since the early years of this blog so it’s literally working with your friends everyday. Plus, I have some super cool freelance photography clients, and this blog is still a HUGE part of my life + career. This month we turn 6! Some of the best opportunities in my life have come my way over the last year because of KP Fusion, and I’m ready to grow it even more.

Do I still have struggles? In the words of Big Abso-f*ckinglutely. I went from a relatively secure 40 hr/wk job w/benefits and the whole shebang to a part-time work/freelance hustle lifestyle which can get murky + hard financially (especially when you’re in the market that I’m in and the specific type of photography that I WANT to do), but outside of a few hiccups here + there, I’m good. No, I’m blessed. I like what I do every. single. day. and I can see the impact of my work, so that’s a very fulfilling thing. Even when money gets tight, I’m still the happiest I’ve ever been with work. I make way less money, but my stress level has dropped tremendously. It does mean that I have to work even harder so that I can both take care of myself plus afford the life that I want, but because I’m working with intention, I’m up for the challenge.

What keeps me going: brainstorming sessions for blog posts + using an editorial calendar to post more consistently, seeking out new creatives,/restaurants/brands, etc. to partner with and/or feature to keep topics fresh, planning workshops, + constantly creating affordable packages for photography clients.


Loving with Intention
I FINALLY started dating (I guess you could call it dating? We hang out and have fun so let’s say that, lol) a pretty cool guy that doesn’t play mind games or make me feel like I need to be anyone other than who I am. We’ve known each other since we were young and it’s still in its very, very, very, very early stages so I won’t jinx it, but it feels authentic. Even if it doesn’t turn into anything serious, I cannot explain to you how refreshing it is to be around a guy that doesn’t have any hangups about who they are/what they’ve been through in the past, nor let it stop them from expressing how they feel; I NEEDED that. Friendship is at the core and we genuinely like each other, so getting to know each other has been a lot of fun. A few months ago I decided to date with intention and it’s working.

What keeps me going: maintaining an open, judgement free zone so that we can always have honest dialogue about whatever, showing + receiving affection (both physically + verbally), blocking out other distractions (aka cute but problematic men) to keep things easy, having fun and being a good friend.

Living with Intention
With friendship and personal time, my circle has gotten smaller, and I’m much more picky about what I commit to. I love everyone the same, but how I spend my free time, whether it’s going on an artist’s date, teaching a workshop, or just vegging out with my bestie, it has to be worth it. I used to want to run all around the city and go to every. single. thing. I was invited to, but I was so drained afterwards. Now, I limit what I commit myself to. I also make sure to take out more time for self-care. You have to find quiet moments where you can feed your soul and do the simple things that make you happy + keep you healthy, if for nothing else but to make you a better person. If you don’t take care of yourself, who else will? I still enjoy getting out for new experiences (especially when I can share them on the blog), but now I’m living with intention, and I feel much more balanced.

What keeps me going: spending more time with family + friends that matter, working out consistently + eating healthy (80/20), making time to recharge my spirit (reading, visiting museums, discovering new music), + spending a few hours a week doing super girlie things/maintenance.


How are you working, loving, or living with intention? What keeps you going?

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