15 Pre-Fall Outfits to Copy Right Now

If you looked at the weather across the United States right now, you’d see that it’s kinda all over the place. With temps ranging from the 60s to the 90s, getting dressed everyday can be a little confusing. Early mornings + evenings are typically cooler, so you automatically want to grab a sweater or jacket when you walk out the door. However, once you get into the day (say 11am), the temps can rise and by 2pm that sweater you threw on could have you sweating like a dog. NOT CUTE.

We’re in that tricky “Pre-Fall” time of year, so breathable fabrics and pieces that you can layer with are crucial. I naturally gravitate towards dresses and slim denim with kimonos, long cardigans, and long button downs around my waist during this time (my work environment calls for cute but casual attire) but I keep other options on standby in case I have an event that calls for me to switch it up.

Here’s a roundup from around the web of Pre-Fall looks that you can easily copy right now if you have no clue what to wear during these next few weeks.

Fall-Outfit-Ideas2 Fall-Outfit-Ideas3 Fall-Outfit-Ideas6 Fall-Outfit-Ideas14 Fall-Outfit-Ideas12 Fall-Outfit-Ideas11 Fall-Outfit-Ideas7 Fall-Outfit-Ideas10 Fall-Outfit-Ideas9 Fall-Outfit-Ideas15 Fall-Outfit-Ideas18 Fall-Outfit-Ideas20 Fall-Outfit-Ideas21 Fall-Outfit-Ideas19



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How are you dressing right now?

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