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Good Reads | Quintessential Style: Cultivate + Communicate Your Signature Look

Everywhere you look, magazines + blogs are”guiding” you to start investing in a capsule wardrobe. The focus is on only adding (higher quality) garments that you can pretty much mix + match for any occasion. While the concept is great (because when you think about it, most people only wear 20%-30% of what they own anyway), the suggestions start to look a little generic after a while. It’s all about the grey tee, black denim, brown tote, etc. It’s a look that many people love…but what about those that want to make better decisions about the pieces that they invest in but still have a little more personality?

That’s when you enlist the help of a style expert. OR, read the book of one. ***Quintessential Style: Cultivate + Communicate Your Signature Look by Janna Beatty with Sharon White is a quick but thorough guide on becoming your own personal stylist.


It’s filled with tips on:

  • figuring out your body type + proportion
  • which colors work best for your skin (and what they mean)
  • how to shop (there’s more than one way)
  • designing the wardrobe you need for your lifestyle and more.

There’s even a quiz to help you better define your personal style beyond the typical classic/minimalist/bohemian categories. Most people live in a past/future tense when it comes to discussing their personal style (i.e. “I used to dress like this.” “I want to dress like that once _____.”, Quintessential Style is focused on the NOW. Who you are, what you love, and what you want people to think when they see you. There are a few sections on skincare + makeup because they work in tandem with each other, but the meat + potatoes of the book is personal style.

Janna has had over 30 years of experience as an image consultant, and her motto-“don’t fix it, find it.” permeates throughout the book. Everyone is different, so while there are a few style elements that we may share (great fitting denim, fun gold accessories), Quintessential Style was written to help the reader define their own signature style.

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**Press Sample, all opinions and views are totally my own.
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  • Sharon White

    Thanks so much for your spectacular review of Q Style. My co-author, Janna Beatty, and I are honored. In every way our intention for writing the book was to help women of all ages recognize that they are truly “unique in all of time.”
    And that when you dress–it’s not just about styling an outfit…it’s about styling “who you are.”
    So grateful.
    Sincerely, Sharon & Janna

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