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Decorating with Mirrors

Behind canvases, mirrors are one of the simplest ways to refresh a room. They can add brightness and depth to a smaller space while also adding a little more personality to the walls. A classic trick of some interior designers is to prop a huge floor length mirror against a wall to give the illusion of more square footage in a room, while others create a gallery wall using various shapes and sizes for a more eclectic look. The design possibilities are endless.

There are no hard and fast rules to using them, but you do want to pay attention to scale; using a too small mirror in an area can make it appear off-kilter, so keep that in mind when planning out your refresh.  Square and rectangle shaped mirrors are a given (and pretty easy to find), but circular and honeycomb designs have become pretty popular over the last few years.

A little decor inspo if you’re looking to switch things up:

Cool-Decor-Mirrors7 Cool-Decor-Mirrors2 Cool-Decor-Mirrors8 Cool-Decor-Mirrors11 Cool-Decor-Mirrors9 Cool-Decor-Mirrors3 Cool-Decor-Mirrors4 Cool-Decor-Mirrors5 Cool-Decor-Mirrors12 Cool-Decor-Mirrors13 Cool-Decor-Mirrors10

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How do you decorate with mirrors?

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