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Salon Worthy Pedicure at Home

While I have a wonderful nail tech (my bestie!) sometimes I like to just put on a face mask, grab some snacks, and binge watch Sex and the City while I give myself a salon worthy pedicure at home. I own a ton of polishes and other products so it’s really easy to do, especially since I have Earth Therapeutic’s Diamond Precisso Pedicure File ($10) and Triple Butter Intensive Foot Balm ($10) to help keep my tootsies smooth.


I used to use a regular pumice stone, but they are not all created equal, my friend. If you wear sandals everyday during the Summer, using a pumice or foot file in the shower will help keep your feet looking right in between visits to the nail shop. I like the Diamond File because it has crystalline abrasion cells, so it smooths away calluses and rough patches without rubbing the skin raw, and the Foot Balm is super hydrating; it’s made with cocoa butter, shea butter, + mango butter so it moisturizes without being greasy.

It’s a lot quicker that a normal pumice or regular file, which is good for the days when I’m in a hurry and can only do a quick job. On the days when I have time to do some real maintenance, this is what I do:

  1. Fill foot bath with really warm, soapy water (make it as hot as you can stand); add Epson Salt or essential oils if you need a little extra care.
  2. Remove old polish from toes, then soak feet for 15-30 minutes (you’re relaxing, remember?)
  3. Use circular motions to remove any rough patches (scrubbing back + forth will remove dead skin but your foot won’t be smooth). Pay close attention to heels.
  4. Apply cuticle remover, and then use a double sided cuticle pusher to push back cuticles + to remove any old polish/skin off nailbed that the nail polish remover missed (THIS is the step that nail techs do that help make your nails super smooth. Once I picked up this tool I saw a huge difference in my nails).
  5. Apply cuticle oil and/or foot balm. Rub in for 3-5 minutes.
  6. Clip nails to desired length, then use a nail buffer to smooth and remove any ridges.
  7. Swipe nails with polish remover (to remove oil from nailbed)
  8. Apply base coat + nail polish + topcoat (I like Mineral Fusion’s polishes right now).
  9. Watch another episode of SATC while nails dry.



What are your at home pedicure steps?


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