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Self-Care Ideas with Groupon

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own).

I’ve been a lot more focused on my self-care the last few weeks. I’m in go mode most of the time, which is awesome for my productivity, but can sometimes mean that I put my personal needs and time to recharge on the backburner. Even during the hours that I have that would be considered downtime, I’m always thinking what else can be done?

Barbara Casasola

To prevent constant burnout, I started being a little more intentional with how I spent my “free” hours, and one thing was to make sure I took time out to pamper myself. I could easily just veg out all day but that would get old real quick, lol. I love doing at home manis + pedis and facials, but sometimes I do want to go to a professional just to break out of the monotony of being in my home. I looked on Groupon’s site and saw that there are a ton of Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons out there. I’m not a baller, so I still have to watch what I spend, and I like that the offers are very reasonable, and you don’t have to pay a membership fee or anything like that in order to use them. There are a ton of options for manis, pedis, facials, and massages for under $40, so I can get myself a quick little happy on the low, or make a full day out of it and still not overspend. Pretty sweet, right?

Do you use Groupon? How do you save on self-care?


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