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4th Quarter Focus | A Fresh Perspective on Blogging

Hey guys! Can you believe that October is here?! I swear, the weeks have been flying by, and I’m a tiny bit shocked that the year is coming to a close. It’s been a busy one, filled with changes (I wrote about a few of those here), and while I’ve had a few setbacks, I still have 3 more months to finish out strong!

In my constant quest to grow this blog while still maintaining a work/life balance, I’ve been trying to get even more organized when it comes to creating content for this space. For years I had a loose editorial calendar, but I tightened it up last year so that I could be more consistent with posting. During the months that I was a contributor for Mode (still can’t believe they shut down), I had to stay on top of fresh content ideas to pitch during my sessions. I only had to contribute 5 stories a month, but I had to pitch anywhere from 10-15 depending on what others submitted before me; it definitely gave new meaning to what is considered “original” content, and what I would like to actually create.

As I move into the 4th quarter, my focus continues to evolve. While I will always post about trends and products that I love, creating for Mode only confirmed that I hate writing about celebrity culture and what everyone else is focused on. Talking/tweeting about it is one thing, but trying to create content about a topic that you aren’t fully invested in is hard as hell, and I want to get back to storytelling.   There are so many cool new designers, brands + creatives out there in the world, and I’d rather focus on that and my own personal ideas on style + beauty vs. those cliched topics. Plus, after the amazing year I’ve had, I really want to expand on the lifestyle aspect of blogging, so I plan to share even more original stories and photos. From travel, to personal style, to BTS looks at makers + creators, my goals + intentions of the 4th quarter are to continue to grow and give a fresh perspective within the blogging community.

What’s your 4th Quarter focus?

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