Best Bags for Your Commute

While I’m lucky that I can hop into my car every morning to drive to work or to meet clients vs a train, cab or uber, I still have to prep myself before I walk out the door. I usually have my laptop, camera, AND my handbag with me, so I have a LOT to lug around. The laptop + camera bag are a given, but the handbag that I carry with me has to be able to hold a lot of stuff as well because I also do my makeup on the go (shhhh), and sometimes I have to pop my camera in there so that I can pair down when shooting on location. I keep my bags relatively big to fit in all of my junk, but they either have to have some structure or a lot of compartments so that I can keep it organized.

I’m on the hunt for a bag to replace my Summer tote, and I’ve found a roundup of beauties that are good for any commute:



Gabriella Rocha Lizzi Diagonal Zip Satchel, $25

asos-tab-front-satchel-bagTab Front Satchel Bag, $41


Louise Et Cie Tota Leather Satchel, $140

farris-stitched-wing-satchelFarris Stitched Winged Satchel, $55

steve-madden-blovely3-toteSteve Madden Blovely3 Tote, $40

gum-medium-satchelGum Medium Satchel, $150

kimchi-blue-convertible-backpack-shoulder-bag2Kimchi Blue Convertible Backpack Shoulder Bag, $89

What bag do you carry when you’re commuting?

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